Bestseller Boy


drama | tv-series AVROTROS


director: Norbert ter Hall | Sharif Abd el Mawla
camera: Daan Bukman
production design: Joke Geuze | Desiree Brands


Willy Waltz International

What if, against all odds, you break through at the age of 21 with your first novel, but lose everyone around you? Momo Zebbi is a young, ambitious Amsterdammer with one big dream: to become a bestselling author. His dream comes true, but his life is completely turned upside down. His parents evict him, he loses his great love and his friends reject him. Without a home, family and relationship, Momo begins a search for recognition, love and for himself. Bestseller Boy, is a series about love, ideals, division and literature of a young city dweller.

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